Oasis Care Vision

Our vision is to improve and maintain the lifestyles of residents by providing a patient centered approach which embraces ageing with energy, compassion and respect.

Our care homes strives to provide high quality care and ensures the needs of residents are met. The key aspect to achieving this, is the close and continuous involvement of residents, internal and external teams, family and friends of the residents. The Oasis Care Group welcomes all individuals and achieves patient centered care by promoting independence and choice, decision making, respecting dignity, supporting and listening carefully, and offers excellent stimulating activities throughout the week. It is our responsibility to provide warmth and companionship to promote health and wellbeing, and help to overcome challenges including loneliness and boredom. We believe old age should be celebrated with continued learning, inclusiveness and enablement which are fundamental to achieving a meaningful life. These are key factors woven into each resident’s care plans.

Our staff are highly trained to provide a safe, comfortable and hospitable environment for all. We encourage staff to have an ethos of continuous learning which involves regular staff observations and supervisions, in addition to assigning up to National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ’S) to help further the growth of knowledge and for staff to reach their potential.


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Visiting Times
Our visiting times are between 9.30am - 6.30pm
For more information on our visiting times, please visit here.

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