Residential Care

Age UK reports there are approximately 10,445 residential homes in the United Kingdom for people aged 65 and over, and also about 431, 500 older people in residential settings.

Residential care admissions result primarily from:

  • challenging health and increased dependency
  • decline in mental and physical health including fear of falling
  • bereavement
  • general frailty and disability
  • recent hospitalisation
  • environmental issues
  • mobility difficulties
  • the inability to manage at home
  • and social problems including loneliness, social isolation, longing to be cared by others and being part of a group.
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Arriving at Oasis Care Group

When residents arrive at the care homes they are warmly greeted by the staff who will assist them to settle in.

During the initial periods the staff will produce a comprehensive Care Plan and Risk Assessment with the resident where possible.

In addition a detailed “Life Story” document will help personalise residents’ care and prioritise their needs and preferences of how they would like to carry out their lifestyles.

Furthermore listening to the voice of the resident through Quality Assurance policies, Resident and Relative meetings and building close liaison with family/friends/advocates are priorities for the organisation.

This approach is conducive to achieving a comfortable and effective quality of life.

At our residential homes we provide 24hour care for residents who are able to participate in the normal activities of daily living.

This includes being able to mobilise short distances, being able to eat and drink independently, participate in personal care and take part in activities (optional).

The staff will support with other aspects such as laundry, administration of medication, managing any health issues, contacting external team members including Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Dietician, hairdresser and Podiatrist etc. when required.

We aim to place the resident in a stimulating environment with close associations with the community, encouraging social benefits.